Electricity consumers in Ontario can produce their own power from a renewable resource. Thereby taking advantage of net metering in Ontario.

Solar panel technology in Ontario allows them to generate their own electricity and reduce or eliminate their monthly costs?

The PV solar panel Net Metering program in Ontario is for any customer who wants to generate their own power using  solar panel equipment up to 500 KWatts. 

Take Advantage Of The Net Metering In Ontario Solar Panel Program

We know that saving money and being environmentally responsible is important. That is why the Net Metering program was created.

Are you thinking of using a renewable "green" energy technology to generate your own electricity and reduce your monthly costs? Or maybe you already own your own renewable energy generating facility. In either case you are eligible to take advantage of the net metering program in Ontario.

What Is Net Metering?

Net metering is a vehicle where an energy consumer (residential or commercial) may generate their own electricity from a renewable energy source.

A net metering customer can reduce their energy costs by exporting surplus generated energy back onto the electricity grid.


During the year there are two periods for a net metering generation facility, the generation period and the consumption period. The generation period is the sunny part of the year. When the net metering facility will generate more electricity than it will consume. The consumption period is the part of the year when the generation facility is consuming more energy than it is generating.

A properly designed net metering system will allow an energy consumer to generate enough energy credits during the generation period to cancel out the energy consumed during the consumption period.

This allows the net metering generation facility to drastically reduce or even eliminate their hydro bill.

The generation facility must be connected to a renewable resource such as  PV solar panels, wind, water, or biomass. For our purposes we will be discussing the net metering program in Ontario using PV solar panels.

Net Metering In Ontario - And You

What you’ll see on your bill is the “net” difference between these two amounts, the generated and consumed energy amounts. The energy exported to the electricity grid from the net metering facility will serve nearby consumers.

The net metering process for a project of 10kW or less

The net metering process for a project between 10kW and 500kW

In the summer months they will produce enough electricity for their house and the excess is fed back unto the grid. Their meter runs 

backwards, and they get credit for this energy. This credit is used in the few winter months when they are using more energy than they are producing.


How Does Net Metering Work

What Is The Net Metering Process?

Homeowners that are tired of rising power costs can install net metered solar without going through the tedious FIT application. Grid parity makes distributed solar generation with a simplified approval connection process a profitable investment now.

Be Like Thousands Of Ontarians And Get Your Money Working For You!

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