Why We Are Considered The Number One Solar Solutions Provider In Ontario:

We have unparalleled experience in designing, constructing, and commissioning of solar projects both small and large.  Each member of our management team and staff strives for excellence in their job - while working for you.

We have designed, installed, and commissioned  hundreds of residential projects both microFIT and net metering.  We have also designed, installed, and commissioned many large scale projects the largest being 600kW - around 2400 solar panels. Our expertise will allow us to develop the most efficient, economical solution for you.

We own eleven solar farms that we have installed under small FIT program.  The additional revenue from these solar farms allows our business model an increased flexibility, much more than the average solar company. To our knowledge no other supplier of solar solutions own any solar farms. They are vulnerable in a subsidized industry to the government whims of support.

Last year we successfully installed over 2.45 Mega Watts of solar panels.  We have a proven business model and dedicated individuals to accomplish our business goals. We lead the industry in excellent work ethics and practices.

Our commitment is to our customers. Our customer service is exceptional, we pride ourselves on our integrity and genuinely care about our customers. Getting your system up and running is our first priority and we have the knowledgeable staff to make that happen! 

The owners and management at Ultimate Solar have worked at all levels in the solar industry including but not limited to designing of solar systems, sales, equipment acquisition, installation of solar systems, electrical work, customer service, accounting....We know our business thoroughly.  

Our commitment to our staff!    We routinely hold our health and safety meetings to ensure they are fully equipped to perform their jobs - safety in the workplace is paramount at Ultimate Solar.

Be Like Thousands Of Ontarians And Get Your Money Working For You!

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10 - 80 Regal Road, Guelph, Ontario, N1K 1C1

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