Act Now And Take Advantage Of The microFIT Program In Ontario

The number of solar projects in Ontario is growing more and more each day. The people of Ontario have been benefiting from the incredible earning potential of renewable energy on their property. In this time of skyrocketing electricity costs, and unprecedented environmental issues, Ontario's microFIT program is here to provide financial relief and aid in the important conservation of our planet.

We strive to be one of, if not the best solar company in Ontario. We will work to get you a return on your money of over 14%, in some cases up to 18% - an amazing return! 

The income earned from the microFIT solar program gives many homeowners the ability to cover a substantial amount of their expensive hydro bills. 

You will be making a solid investment while also contributing to a cleaner environment!

By now, seeing solar panels is becoming quite common place. While you're out walking, or running, or driving it is common to see solar panels on a school, a government building and quite often on a neighbors house.


What is the benefit for all of these people or institutions?

Beginning in 2009 the Ontario Power Authority (now the IESO) has been overseeing the microFIT program. A program in which the government allows eligible participants to develop a small or “micro” renewable electricity generation project.   This program is an opportunity that allows groups or individuals to benefits from generating their own clean energy. The efforts of the Ontario government is to increase the renewable energy footprint in the province.  As a participant in this program, you will be paid a guaranteed price over a 20-year term for all the electricity you produce and deliver to the province’s electricity grid. 

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Are you interested in becoming one of these people?  We can help.


Our trained professionals can easily assess your property and show you how much money you could be saving and earning. We offer superior service, competitive pricing, and a free-no obligation quote for all interested in the program. 


Expiring at the end of 2017, this is the final year the microFIT solar panel program will be offered in Ontario. Since this is the last year the government will be accepting new applications, there are a limited number of microFIT contracts available. Our goal is to enable as many people from Ajax as possible to take advantage of this opportunity. Moreover, we are working even harder to make solar panels affordable for everyone! To receive your free-no obligation quote and/or to book an appointment, contact us now!

Helpful Links For The Independent Electricity System Operator (IESO) and the microFIT program in Ontario:

Of course there will be times when people who have a microFIT contract will have to sell their property. As times are changing people are coming to realize that a home with a renewable energy facility is much more beneficial than using the dirty, traditional energy we have been using in the past. The added value of your renewable energy facility will certainly cover the cost of the installation of your system.

In the case of the sale of your home, your microFIT contract will have to be transferred to the new property owner. 

Once the microFIT contract has been transferred to the new owner of the renewable energy facility they will begin to receive their payments from their LDC. They will be paid in accordance with the microFIT contract for the remainder of the contract term.

Becoming a renewable energy generator can be a long process. Mistakes made at certain stages of the microFIT process can set the construction of your renewable energy facility back weeks or even months. To get the process started, a microFIT application will have to be submitted to the IESO.  For this to be done a registratoin must be completed before a microFIT application can be filled out and submitted to the IESO.

As a renewable energy generator in the microFIT program you will deliver all the electricity you generate to the electricity grid. Under the microFIT program the power you generate is accounted for separately than the electricity consumed by your property. No electricity from your renewable energy project will be consumed by your property. Therefore you will continue to pay your electricity bill as in the past.

The microFIT process is important to understand. One of the final steps in the microFIT process is for the project owner to accept the microFIT contract.

But first there are certain terms that are also important to understand. 

IESO - Independent Electricity System Operator

LDC - Local Distribution Company (Your Hydro Company)

The first step in the process of becoming a renewable energy generator is to submit a microFIT application to the IESO. Once your microFIT application has been reviewed and accepted by the IESO, your next step will be to request an offer to connect from your LDC. 

A microFIT contract from the Ontario government is a valuable asset. But 20 years is a long time! What if during that time your renewable generating facility can be used in a more beneficial way? Luckily, you are not locked into your microFIT contract. With consent of the Independent Electricity Operator (IESO) the microFIT contract holder may terminate the microFIT contract. Once the microFIT contract is terminated you will cease to receive payments for the power generated from your renewable energy project. There are no fees or penalties for terminating your microFIT contract. 

Join tens of thousands who have already become renewable energy suppliers in Ontario. The microFIT has been very successful in Ontario. Think of the benefits of generating clean energy and receiving a guaranteed price for 20 years for all of the electricity you deliver to the electrical grid. The FIT and microFIT programs are part of the largest clean energy programs in North America. It is our opportunity to be part of this clean energy initiative.

Ontario has created the first feed-in-tariff (FIT) program of its kind in North America. The feed-in tariff refers to the specific amount to be paid to those who participate in the program. A participant in the program will be referred to as a renewable energy supplier and will construct a  renewable energy generating facility. Standardized rules, contracts, and prices are applied to each renewable energy supplier. It is intended that a reasonable return on investment will be provided to each renewable energy supplier. A price structure will be provided for different project sizes and renewable energy type. The Ontario FIT program was launched on October 1, 2009 in an effort to increase the amount of renewable energy produced in the province.  The Ontario microFIT program was launched at the same time, it allows a renewable energy supplier to construct a renewable

What Is The microFIT Program In Ontario?
How Does Owning A microFIT Project Affect My Hydro Bill?
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How To Apply To The microFIT Program In Ontario

energy project that is small or micro in size compared to the large FIT projects being constructed. When the renewable energy type is a PV solar panel project A microFIT project will be 10kW or less.

This process alone can take months, so planning your project is important. Once you receive your offer to connect from your LDC, the IESO will issue an application approval notice. This is now the time to construct your project. The construction of your renewable energy facility can take some time but must be completed within 180 days after receiving your application approval notice. After the construction and connection of your project your LDC will notify that your renewable energy generation plant is connected to the electricity grid. After this confirmation is received from your LDC, the IESO will offer you a microFIT contract which must be accepted by the project owner within 45 business days of the contract being offered.

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microFIT In Ontario And You
A modest home with an annual hydro payment of $2500.00 could pay more than $60,000.00 over the next twenty years. With no option to stop paying their hydro bill, their payments will continue indefinitely.
The same home with annual hydro payments  of $2,500 could supplement their hydro costs with solar panels. Within seven years they could possible be able to supplement all their hydro costs.  Click here to contact us and find out how!

The MicroFIT Program In Ontario

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