Our origin sprung from the implementation of the Feed In Tariff (FIT) program. The founders, installed MicroFIT systems on their properties. As neighbours and friends saw the financial benefits they wanted systems installed. Thus to start with the founders sold to neighbours and friends and as the word spread we had installations as far north as Sault Saint Marie and Ottawa and as far south as Windsor and Fort Erie.

​Why is this company the best solution for customers?  We buy in large quantities to get a price reduction on solar equipment. We manufacture our own solar racking system, thus again getting a price advantage.  As installation is critical we do not rely on local tradesmen who may not have experience in solar installations, we have our own experienced team.

At Ultimate Solar we're not only selling solar systems, we're selling confidence. When making the decision on which company you trust to design and install your system, you must have confidence the company will survive and outlast the lifetime of your purchase. You need to know that the company you deal with will be in business once the microFIT program has ended. (end of 2017)

To ensure our on going success and longevity, we applied for and were approved to install our own solar farms. Our solar farms generate over 4 million kilowatt hours annually. Our fore thought and planning will ensure our business will continue while others will struggle. To our knowledge no other supplier of solar solutions thought to, or were able to secure any solar farms for their company. Unfortunately they are vulnerable in a subsidized industry to the governments whims of support.​ Ultimate Solar will be here for you!

Our office and warehouse are located in Guelph Ontario at 80 Regal Road.

We have been involved in the microFIT program since its inception, and have done over 200 microFIT installations.

In relation to the FIT program we have installed multiple FIT projects (solar farms) for successful applicants.

The purpose of these installations is to produce clean energy and to sell that power back to the grid - thus replacing environmentally harmful coal generating stations.

We also own 11 solar farms and have successfully installed nine of our eleven solar farms, connecting the remaining two solar farms to the grid by spring. Our solar farms will be supplying over 4 million kilowatt hours to the Ontario grid each year.

Locations of our eleven solar farms:

1 located in Desbarets Ontario (currently producing)

1 located in Ruthven Ontario (currently producing)

4 located in Cambridge Ontario (currently producing)

1 located in Ingersoll Ontario (currently producing)

1 located in Dundas Ontario (currently producing)

1 located in Georgetown Ontario (currently producing)

1 located in St Thomas Ontario (connection pending)

1 located in Guelph Ontario (under construction)

Desbarets Ontario

Our First Solar Farm. In The Last Two Years It Has Produced Over $425,000

Our Facilities

Be Like Thousands Of Ontarians And Get Your Money Working For You!

Office / Warehouse Location:

10 - 80 Regal Road, Guelph, Ontario, N1K 1C1

Fax: 519.821.9181

Phone:  519.821.9179